We make it easier on you.

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Buffers Shipping Cargo Crate Components Distributor

We rely on a 350-page company catalog, and eventually we realized there must be a way to reduce the costs associated with wasted pages when a change in our offerings renders a section obsolete. GCR worked with us to create a custom print-on-demand solution: now we can tweak individual pages, print as few or as many needed, and even customize them per distributor. Each change we make saves us time and money!

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BCC Software Bulk Mailing Software Developer

We needed to simplify our processes for ordering and producing printed marketing materials. We had worked with GCR for years on printing and other promotional projects, so we knew we could rely on their professionalism and customer service. GCR created a custom site where we could self-order our own business cards, data sheets, and other promotional items. It’s really easy now to order one business card when we have a new hire, or need to tweak a data sheet. It’s amazingly convenient – almost like going to Amazon.com for our marketing materials!

We take things off your plate.

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LaserMax Manufacturer Laser sights for handguns

We had been struggling for years to develop a functional counter display solution for our product. GCR really came through for us – first designing a few different prototypes that we were able to test, and later helping to deliver a display that was just what we needed. They even coordinated specialized shipping and packaging details, so as to avoid any damage to the materials as they were in transit to our dealers.

It’s amazing how GCR was able to take our idea and turn it into a professional, useful reality, while still going the extra mile to anticipate appropriate packaging needs and other fine points we hadn’t considered. GCR consistently goes above and beyond for us with projects including lenticular standing case cards, point-of-purchase displays with tear-off coupon attachments, embroidered patches that can be sewn on equally fancy gun bags, and more. They even developed a 16’ x 10’ full color trade show backdrop with reflective targets and signage that enhances our sales efforts. GCR is a valuable partner for our business.

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Threshold Center for Youth Development

As a non-profit organization without a large staff, we lack the personnel and the time to sweat the details of marketing projects. GCR has been our total solution in this area – from creative, to printing, to just finding ways to get things done on a limited budget. Regardless of our specific needs, timing, or funds, they’ve always been able to provide solid solutions.

Additionally, GCR has written, designed, printed and mailed our Annual Appeal Package, Annual Report, a line of brochures promoting various services, and specific promotional items. GCR helped us write and produce 30- and 60-second radio spots, too – they even bought airtime for us! Posters, wall vinyl, pull-up banners for use at community events, and office printing: all of this has been made possible by our relationship with GCR.

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TRE Media / Hoselton Auto Mall In-house agency and media buyer for auto dealer

Our very capable internal marketing department needed to offload our employee newsletter. GCR was able to quickly assimilate to our way of doing things and completely take on this project. Now they take care of everything involved with the publication: writing, layout, printing and even mailing. It’s a huge benefit for us to be able to easily offload a project such as this when we’re just not able to get to it.

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Family First Credit Union

As our business has expanded, we’ve encountered many specialized projects that our staff has neither the time nor expertise to manage. GCR has helped us with these tasks, which included a total new identity program with revised naming and logo – a complete branding project that went on to involve painting our ATMs, developing and installing outdoor signage, and even finding people to man our opening events. GCR was able to help us get months of work done in weeks!

Over the years they’ve also helped us with everything from marketing brochures to drive-thru deposit/withdrawal envelopes and interior and exterior signage. It’s nice to know there is a company like GCR out there, ready to pitch in when we need them.

We get it done right the first time.

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Surmotech Manufacturer, Electronic Components and Circuit Boards

We had decided to take part in the Chase Corporate Challenge annual event, but really did not know what was involved. GCR offered a variety of great kits developed specifically for this event. The kit we chose included runners’ shirts, t-shirts for supporters, water bottles, and even a banner and table tent signage that ultimately gave us a true corporate presence at the event.What really helped was GCR’s deep knowledge of this promotional category. They were instrumental in helping us understand our options while still staying within our budget and timeframe for the event.

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Craig Business Group Yellow Pages / Marketing Communications

Although we’re a marketing agency, we still needed help with a specialized project: Custom, grand piano-sized point-of-sales tool for one of our biggest clients. GCR took the time and care to scribe-fit and hand-finish each one to meet the unique specs of these high-profile pieces.

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The Friendly Home Nursing Home and Rehabilitation Facility

We needed a unique solution for our lobby, which provides a critical first impression for visitors and a true epicenter for communicating all activities. GCR has helped us with many things in the past – from our annual Corporate Challenge T-shirts to banners and awards, company handbook printing, and other signage – but this was above and beyond the most detail intensive project. They handled everything: monument-brick/carved signs, signage for our outside bus depot and a bronze memorial fountain, labeled safety cones, even an oversized lawn sign with a changeable face. We also rely on GCR for assistance with ongoing projects like promotional banners and other materials that help us in our recruitment efforts. Whatever we need, GCR really does get it right the first time. No amount of detail or customization seems to matter.

Call (585) 546-5297, we get it done. Think of GCR as your designated hitter – a go-to assistant you can count on when you need to Get It Done.